Revelation Special
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Readings for contemporary life!

Hundreds of people would flock each week to hear +Elder Athanasios Mitilinaios (+2006) speak on hundreds of topics that had a direct effect on their lives. In this series he teaches on Revelation using Scripture and the holy Fathers combined with his academic and spiritual gifts to bring the Revelation to life for us. Unlike some other faith communities the Orthodox Church is cautious with interpretation of this holy book. The Elder's brilliance makes his talks easy to understand and very interesting! Some topics are: Church history, ecumenism, secular life vs. spiritual life, how to live a life a Christian life that is not luke-warm, monasticism, marriage, saints of our Church, work in the world today, the life of a priest, war time, the future, the past and mostly how to live in the present world. We are working on volumes 4 & 5. 

Enjoy our special pricing $78.05 for all three books delivered via media mail for only $65.00! 

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Revelation Special

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